Led by students, for students.

About Us

We are a student-led initiative. Our vision is to see global poverty eradicated and we know that educating every child is the most effective way to do that. We provide grade level and age appropriate courses to prepare children to succeed in the modern world. All of our services are 100% free! We will never ask you to pay us for classes or tutoring.


Our curriculum was designed to be completed by an individual student without help from an adult. That means we provide videos, audio, and simple instructions. We have combined resources onto one easy to use platform to create simple to use and short but meaningful lessons for students in the developing world. Please note that we are not at this moment accredited, so schools are not required to accept any credits you receive from us. 

Our Founders



Mildred Nsubuga has always been an advocate for cost-free high-quality education among her inner circles. Even as a 7-year-old, she'd be found tutoring any children that'd come her way. Getting on track with Tomorrow Academy is one of her big-leap steps to reaching all children of the world and nurturing their brains to think and operate with ease throughout the globe. She's currently pursuing her 2nd year of Bachelors of Business Administration and also working as an Archive's Clerk. She hopes to reach all the children of the world through Tomorrow Academy.

Bree Edwards

Bree Edwards is a high school sophomore in the United States. When she was eleven, she did a project on lack of education in developing countries and was amazed to find the impact it had on the economy and on people's lives. Four years later, she came up with the idea for Tomorrow Academy and made her dream a reality with the help of a few awesome people (see above :) ) Bree has dedicated her life to the goal of education for every child and believes that Tomorrow Academy is a big step in the right direction.